Thursday, February 24, 2011

Debbie, Dylan, Natalie

Debbie, Dylan, Natalie
We’ve been looking forward to this past weekend for a long time!  The weekend I got to meet my Debbie’s adorable little girl Natalie!  Why is that such a big deal you might ask?  They live 1275km away, which is, approximately, a 13 hour drive!
We’d planned to leave Thursday (Feb.17).  We got to the highway and could hardly see past the hood of our car.  I was SO bummed!  All we had was a weekend!  Every minute, every mile counts!  But we couldn’t see anything so we just had to turn back just a few miles from home.  I was up and praying every 2 hours from 8:00pm-8:00am checking road reports and thinking, ‘How can we make this work?’  By 8:30am we had a plan, by 9:00am we were back on the road!  We had an ‘alternate route’ planned dogging the many closed highways and hoping for the best, but the roads we needed most opened ahead of us!  THANK YOU GOD!  WOO!
As we drove along I started a tally:
Vehicles in the ditch: xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx (15)
Vehicles stuck on the road:  x (1)
Vehicles smashed:  xx(2)
All of these were found before the Saskatchewan border. 
But we made it across the country and were warmly greeted by Spencer, the dog, who nearly jumped in the car with excitement, and of course, Dylan, Debbie and sweet little Natalie.  I think all the excitement scared the poor girl so our first meeting wasn’t all smiles on her part but over the weekend we got to know each other pretty good!
We had a lot of fun, relaxing, being silly and trying not to freeze!  Jared got acquainted with their pet snake Rusty.  I, on the other hand, was on the other side of the house very quickly when they took the lid off his... what do you call it?  Aquarium looking thing.  We visited their tiny church and found that they were preaching on a similar topic to what we’ve been discussing in church, Kidzland, and our Bible reading!  Super cool!
So yeah!  That’s basically our weekend!  It was great!  I’d also like to say a special hello to my Alberta friends reading this blog specifically Debbie’s family and ‘Edge’J!
Can any fellow bloggers help me out?  I have such a hard time posting more than one picture.  I click on the little 'picture' icon when doing a new post but it only lets me select one picture.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Weekend

That was a fun weekend!
So Jared totally surprised me with an early valentine’s day this weekend!  We had planned to go on a date in the city.  We were already downtown before I realized I had no idea where we were going, or even why we were in the city so early if we were just going for supper!  I was just asking Jared exactly that when he pointed to a hotel and said: “Did you want to go there?” 
It was awesome!  He’s packed all my stuff (with me in the house!) and got it into the car without me noticing!  I was very impressed with how much stuff he thought of to pack for me!
So we got settled into the hotel and planned our evening.  We decided to go see a movie using one of the gift cards we received in the surprise envelope (see ‘Touched by an Angel’ post).  We went out and watched “Life as We Know it” which was actually pretty good!
After the movie we headed over to the Keg for supper (another gift card in the envelope).  We were having a hard time finding a place to park, having hit the supper rush dead on, when we saw some people getting in their van to leave.  So we waited nearby to snatch their parking spot.  As they pulled out they stopped beside our car and handed us a slip of paper.  They had paid for parking but decided not to wait the 45 minutes at the Keg.  So we received another blessing that day!  Free parking!
What an AMAZING weekend!