Thursday, February 21, 2013

33 Week pictures!

There are a few questions that I get asked a LOT lately.  So in case you are wondering these same things I will answer them for you!

Q:  Do you know the gender of the baby?
A:  Nope!  We are saving that for a surprise!  As far as people guessing the gender, votes are heavily in favor of it being a boy.  Some people judge by how I'm carrying, which is quite low.  Some people judge by heart rate  which is a perfect 140bpm!  So, though I find myself often referring to baby as 'he', we really have no idea.

Q:  Is your baby room ready?
A:  Nope!  Jared's parents have been doing a LOT of work in our basement for us and it's looking AWESOME!  No, we're not planning to have baby's room downstairs!  But what will be baby's room, upstairs, has been used a a toy room and napping room while I've been doing daycare.  So everything that's in baby's room now, needs a place to be before we can move baby's stuff in.  We're also planning a small renovation for the room, and will be touching up and repainting it.  It's not a big deal though, if baby's room isn't ready when baby gets here as a good friend of ours, CK, is lending us a bassinet so we can have baby in our room for the first little while!

Q:  Are you ready for baby?  Do you need anything?
A:  People have been SO helpful and SO giving.  We have been given SO much stuff and it has all been a huge blessing!  I am so excited to use it all!  My moms, sister, and Grandma F. have given me a good supply of gender neutral (and baby boy) sleepers which is AWESOME!  Once baby comes it'd be nice to get more gender specific outfits, but I do have a good supply of sleepers!  We have the big items like crib and car seat and stroller so I'd say we're ready.  All the cloth diapers are washed and ready.  I would like to get one of those cushion/mattress looking things for the change table...?  What are they called?  Can you get them at Walmart?  Anyone have tips on bottle types or brands?  I am planning to nurse, and I have been given a few bottles already.  But I'd love for Jared to be able to feed the baby too.

So those are the top questions I get asked!  And now for my 33 week photos kindly taken by my wonderful husband!


  1. Wow, you look amazing! You must be so happy!

    1. Happy doesn't begin to describe it! This is the hugest blessing and baby isn't even 'here' yet! It's been 8 months and some days I just think: 'Wow! I get to carry a baby. What a gift!' I am very excited to see our little miracle and let others hold him/her!