Saturday, February 9, 2013

Growing, growing, growing!

Yeah, I know I'm a little late for a Christmas post, but things were busy!  I have also not been keeping up with my pregnancy pictures.  I'll have to take one today after church.  I'm WAY bigger than in these pictures, and I have a new due date!  I am now due April 4th rather than 9th!  Yeah, a week's not going to make much of a difference, but it's nice to think that baby could come earlier!

Since Christmas, I've jumped back into school twice a week, which has been good.  Less homework gives me a little more time for baby prep!  Oo!  Speaking of baby, here's a cool story:

So we decided that we would like to do cloth diapers with baby and started our diaper supply using money we got for Christmas.  We only had 4 shells (plastic pants equivalent, cloth diapers are much different now!)  and a bunch of liners (the absorbent cloth you fold up and put in the shell).  For sure not enough!  So I started looking online for second hand cloth diapers in good condition.  I found an add selling an entire collection of hardly used cloth diapers and accessories for a fraction of the price!  I emailed the advertiser daily for a week with no response.  I was getting discouraged.  So I prayed: 'God, if we are supposed to get these diapers I trust you to work it out somehow.'  I did not email again.  Saturday I got an email stating that someone else beat me to it and was coming to pick them up.  Boo.  Sunday evening I got another email saying the lady had never shown up and if I still wanted them, and could pick them up today, they were mine!  So I recruited a driver and we made the 1/2hr trip to the city and got the diapers!  AMEN!  

Yup, our God cares about diapers too!  Lol!

This week marked the end of daycare for me, which is really sad.  I think it'll hit me more next week when 'my boys' don't come.  They were SO good!  We had a really good last day together, a few hiccups along the way that actually helped in reassuring me that I have a lot of helpful 'parenting' experience from  watching kids for the last 4 years.

Baby comes in 7ish weeks!  Woo!  We are so excited!  Jared's parents have been here all week working on the basement, and it looks awesome!  With no more daycare, I can clean out the toy room and overhaul it into a baby room!  We've also received a TONE of baby stuff from some wonderful friends and family.  I was not expecting all that!  I have bins and bins of stuff, including a few things I just hadn't thought of!  Big thank you to SW, AS, TD, EB, JB, EF, CK and everyone else who's already been so helpful!

But speaking of helpful, I should be a helpful wife and see how much cleaning I can get done before Jared comes back from his fire call!

Have an awesome week!  I'll get new pictures up soon!

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